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How does Smart Health Care change your patients’ day at the Hospital?


We have seen a number of outpatients standing in queues to get treated for their illnesses and in-patients complaining about delay in services at hospitals. Successful hospitals invest on manpower to make sure that no patient is left unattended. However, the ratio of the number of doctors to the number of patients is still low in most parts of India.

An average day of a doctor in a healthcare center goes by trying to attend to all the in and outpatients under his purview and emergency cases till the days end either by extending their schedule or leaving the queue to be continued for the next day. Overcome the shortcomings of hospital and patient management with Smart health systems. 

In this article let us discuss how Smart Healthcare Systems change an average day for your patients at the hospital. Implementation of Smart health has the following perks:

Create appointments with doctors in app

Smart health care systems show the availability of doctors and provide options of fixing appointments with the doctors of their choice whenever they are available. Patients no longer have to come in advance to hospitals to fix appointments or be first in the queue to get treated. Avoid patients crowding at your reception or calling to ask if doctor is available, with just an application.

Search and choose medical experts in app

Patients can now choose their medical experts in the smart health applications. The patients themselves choose doctors, from the wide array of specialized medical expertise. This enhances the expertise of the doctors as well as the experience of the patients in your hospital. 

Eliminate unwanted time lag

You can now reduce the time spent on procuring patients’ case reports. Smart health systems provide test results faster than the usual methods. This facilitates in offering speedy treatment to patients. It improves their overall experience at the hospitals by eliminating the unwanted desperation caused by waiting. 

Educate your patients about your condition and health status

Patients can now be aware on their health condition and get to know more about by viewing their reports on the app and studying about it from the knowledge base stored in cloud. You no longer have to sugarcoat explaining the severity of your patients’ health condition to their loved ones, as can know everything from just a screen away. This helps in making patients fully aware of their conditions and preparing to face it with determination. 

Blood Bank and Pharmacy orders integration

You can now integrate pharmacy and blood bank related requirements of your patients and make sure that their essentials are provided at the right time. Smart health care makes communication across departments seamless and quick. 

Efficient Data Organization

Smart health care systems allow hospitals to store and organize patient related data on the cloud. This will help your hospital to cut down on the time spent on studying patients’ health history and avoid patient information related confusions that often happen with paperwork. Smart health is equipped with advanced analytical tools that make generating reports across the data efficient and easy.

Apart from these, patients can arrange concierge service during your stay at hospital, order doctor prescribed food from their bed, and entertain themselves with bedside entertainment and games and more. Also smart health care systems are available in all all-major world languages making it easy for patients to avail services in the language of their convenience.

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