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The health care system in India evolved in multiple phases over the period of time. In 1950’s the use of medicinal herbs (tamarind extract, turmeric etc.) as a cure for the treatment was the most frequent scenario. The health care system in India improved in multiple folds with the introduction of public hospitals by the government. The public hospitals used to provide quality treatment at a subsidised price. Till 1990’s cost factor of the treatment was the major factor which the patients and doctors used to consider. In the 20th century the health care system in India took a revolutionary turn with the impact of globalisation and use of technology in the health care sector. Many consumer driven initiatives were taken.

Impact of Technology on the health care system:

As Information Technology is increasingly penetrating into the healthcare industry, physicians and patients are experiencing the advantages of on-demand access to medical information. The driving motive for the revolution in healthcare technology is the growing need to provide the best possible individual care to every patient.


Patient-Focused Technology

Recent developments in Technology are enabling providers to improve the quality of patient care. Today’s healthcare is very flexible and patient friendly than traditional systems. Progressively, patient care is developing new tools and the information that systems can provide, while maintaining a patient-focused approach to their use. Software that supports the core medical processes, hardware that allows easy access to information at the point of care, and standards that make the integration of different systems easy is the major key features of the new healthcare technology systems.

Setting up benchmark Standards

In this ever-evolving technology landscape, setting Technology benchmarks is an essential factor in making good use of all the new software and hardware available to healthcare providers. Suitable standards define the rules of engagement between systems – for example, how medical information should be stored and communicated in the network. As these standards are defined, the benefits of their proper use are becoming increasingly noticeable.


Technology back bone of health care systems:

Growing importance of technology and the drive towards patient-centric services is a central theme in healthcare organizations across the country. Using software that provides simple access to information and hardware that enables communication of data across facilities and mobilizes the access points, facilitates provision of improved patient care by healthcare providers.

For Doctors, the above mentioned developments mean their decisions are better informed to the patients and for patients, they provide more personalized care and better experiences, and for healthcare organizations as a whole, they mean more efficient use of technology and greater potential for future improvement.

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