Bairo Corporation to Enter India with Its Healthcare Technology Solutions

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The Bairo Corporation (Tampa, FL) recently announced its intention to bring its patent pending technology solutions for healthcare, Bairo Cloud Enterprise and Bairo Engage, to market in India. The patent pending technology offers healthcare professionals and hospitals a more effective method of communicating, sharing information, organizing and accessing records and educating patients, and other high impact benefits.

Already serving markets in the United and elsewhere around the world, the Bairo team recognized a need for the technology in India as the country’s healthcare system continues to grow and adopt improved technology at a high rate.           

"The rules are changing in healthcare, and as a result building loyalty and engaging healthcare teams and patients in real-time is more important now than ever. At Bairo, we are committed to making that real," said Jag Mariappan, Co-founder and CEO of Bairo Corporation. 

With medical tourism causing a ripple effect of vast improvements in India’s healthcare system, Bairo technology is poised to change the way the country’s healthcare professionals do business.  93% of adults prefer to go to a doctor who offers electronic communication. Bairo creates the ability to develop a deeper relationship with those patients and to alleviate their concerns through improved technology.

Bairo Cloud Enterprise for Healthcare offers the following benefits to healthcare professionals and patients:

  • Search and choose medical experts
  • Find available doctors and create appointments
  • Direct patients to other specialists
  • Eliminate lab results time lag
  • Improved document organization efficiency
  • Eliminate time lag in case report procurement
  • More efficient patient education
  • Significantly reduce turnaround time

To complement the Cloud Enterprise offering, Bairo developed Engage, a technology that replaces outdated and unsecured communication modes by encouraging instantaneous communication between healthcare teams and patients. Being cited in studies as the #1 problem in healthcare, the Bairo team knew that developing a tool to improve doctor-patient communication was critical. The Bairo team hopes to contribute to the improvement of India’s healthcare system by eliminating communication barriers and other critical issues to help make the system more efficient and more effective.


To learn more about the Bairo Corporation and its technology solutions for healthcare, or to schedule an interview with Jag Mariappan, please call (813) 867-9488 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also find out more about the technology at

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