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Transition to next generation of India's HIS Today with Free Data Conversion

Many companies who are using HIS software are facing challenges with managing enormous data growth, providing access to this data from mobile devices, never ending maintenance costs while facing flat budgets.

Answer these key questions:

  • Do you have aging HIS solutions and costs associated with maintaining outdated server technologies?Is your HIS limited in terms of mobile access to common patient data?
  • Is there an inability to exchange data between disparate and departmental systems?
  • Do you plan to gain control of your data and eliminate vendor lock in from  companies?
  • Do you understand the cost and impact to your organization of an ever-increasing medical imaging data migration?
  • Do you have a plan to provide one interface to the medical images that for your EMR Clinical portal?
  • Are you planning to replace your HIS in the next 1-3 years?

If the answer is Yes for any of the above key questions, its time you transition to Bairo HIS. Bairo is the only company that offers free data conversion for the users who are looking to switch from their current HIS.



Many of India's smartest hospitals are already switching to Bairo. We at Bairo, have helped many India's hospitals and clinics with those same challenges, by transitioning them to the next generation of HIS and leveraging the economics of cloud. Bairo provides inpatient and outpatient HIS that costs less to operate, shortens A/R days, increases revenue, ensures patient safety and makes users happy without hardware or software.

For more information on how Bairo designs scalable HIS to meet the needs of your hospitals or clinics, please contact one of our implementation specialists by clicking here.

Many companies who are using Lexmark or similar PACS software are facing challenges with managing enormous data growth, providing access to this data from mobile devices, never ending storage costs while facing flat budgets.


Demonetization in India: Providing Healthcare Options for Cost-Conscious Patients

With change in economic climate in India due to demonetization, patients are placed with increasing responsibility to make cost-conscious medical decisions. Many patients don’t feel comfortable discussing medical costs with their Doctors, or don’t know where to begin to research lower-cost options. But patients cannot afford to ignore medical costs. The financial burdens and traditionally long wait times at hospitals and clinics make it an unattractive option for cost-conscious patients. However, late-night options do not provide a reasonable alternative.

Integrated Telemedicine solutions provides an alternative option and plays a critical role in delivering quality service and controlling escalating costs by improving productivity and efficiency. Telemedicine solutions clear up-front pricing allows patients to make informed decisions about their cost burden. The ability to treat low-acuity conditions without a costly visit to the Hospitals, benefits both patients and hospitals/clinics.


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