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  • India's Smartest Hospitals are switching to Bairo

    India's Smartest Hospitals are switching to Bairo

  • Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

    Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

    Grounded in proven scientific theory and validated through real-world data points, Bairo’s SmartHealth technology organize patient routes or treatment plans better, and also provide Hospitals with literally all the information they need to make a good decision.

  • Healthcare for Businesses

    Healthcare for Businesses

    We provide your employees with solutions that reduce costs and improve productivity. Offer as Add-on-Benefits that generates short and long term cost savings.

  • Innovate with the Cloud built for healthcare

    Innovate with the Cloud built for healthcare

    Our highly advanced smart cloud and self-service touch technology will help your patients interact with your health care professionals real-time and acquire timely care

  • The most Advanced EHR in the Cloud

    The most Advanced EHR in the Cloud

    Bairo Electronic Health Records (EHR) is a fresh alternative to legacy software. Bairo EHR is a flexible System that’s changing the rules of mission-critical infrastructure for hospitals. This powerful cloud platform provides fully integrated EHR technology at a fraction of the price of installed traditional software.

  • Watch Overview Demo

    Watch Overview Demo

    Improving the quality and efficiency of telehealth. Full Support for Physicians, healthcare administration team and patients. Have questions ? We have answers.

  • Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation

    Ready to transform your organization from an enterprise that engages in digital to a digital enterprise ? We can help scale up your revenue and productivity by getting your digital transformation right

  • Bairo helps you get Compliant.

    Bairo helps you get Compliant.

    State-of-the-art protection of all data using customer-controlled key infrastructure. NABH, NABL, JCI, HIPAA Accreditations Ready.


Changing the way Healthcare does Business

Some of the world’s most respected Hospitals trust Bairo


We work fast, delivering quality, strategic thinking and efficiency within your budget management.

We become fully immersed into our client’s business and industry, acquiring the same vision to accomplish goals together. In addition, we’ve leveraged the best practices learned from across our experience in a plethora of industries around the globe.

Bairo Makes Healthcare Easier

See why Bairo is the way forward for Healthcare IT.

Why Bairo ?

Bairo was developed with a very simple premise. Hospitals should focus on patient care, not software. Bairo uses the latest technology and a proven clinical expertise to provide users with the flexibility and ease of use they demand while providing a secure and affordable solution that is built for the future of Healthcare. Smart Choice for Hospitals
  • Proven – HIPAA Compliant and NABH Accreditation Ready, Cloud Experience
  • Affordable - Low Cost of Ownership
  • Reliable – Secure, Intuitive, Free Upgrades
  • Scalable – Modern Architecture, Power of the Cloud
  • Future Ready – Cloud Architecture, Future Ready
  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • No hardware or software to buy or install
  • Products are never sunset
  • Free upgrades
  • Cost reduction (No IT infrastructure)
  • All customers on same version of software
  • Alleviation of staff and skill shortages
  • Ability to move internal staff into higher-value work
  • Access to latest technologies
  • Highest level of data security
  • Quickly migrate from legacy systems
  • Easy transition from paper-based workflows


Fast tracking with the Secured Cloud

Bairo for Enterprise gives you the clarity, collaboration, and control you need to power your business. And with new smart cloud applications, you can improve outcomes in new ways, it scales to fit your business needs, no matter how big or small. Bairo uses AWS cloud infrastructure to increase performance, productivity and storage at a dramatically lower cost. Extra security controls are layered on to ensure HIPAA compliance.

75%Cloud Technology
90%Smartroom Apps
100%Team based CIient care
80%Mobile Applications
90%Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare
100%Health Discounts
90%Electronic Health Record


To create a new category of Product Lifecycle Insights solutions, we had to recruit a unique combination of experts in Products, Sales & Marketing, predictive analytics and operations; innovative leaders that make things happen at Bairo. Come say Hi to us. 

We are tearing down geographic boundaries, socioeconomic barriers to bring patients and doctors together

Our Passion

Our mission is to help care providers thrive under the demands of our growing healthcare system. We start each day excited to bring technology, clinical insight and process engineering together to help users perform at their best.

Our Expertise

We bring together a unique combination of academic backgrounds and professional experience. We've built companies, led hospital transformations and worked at some of the biggest tech firms in the world.

Our Method

We move quickly and listen. We always start with our users' needs and ask ourselves how we can help them better serve their patients. We build quickly and let the data speak to our results.


Drive product success

Across the lifecycle

30 % Productivity Improvement
35 % Cost Savings
25 % More Engaged care team

Current Openings

Chennai,India Office

Reply to if you are interested in any of the below openings.

Android Developer

We are looking for a senior Android Developer to help lead our app development. We require someone who has experience with conceptualizing and implementing clear and concise UIs for android apps that have reached the market. Working closely with the founder/COO and VP of Engineering, we'll rely on you to design custom UI components in a highly interactive experience -- this is a very important task in making our device usable for mass market.


Our interns don't make copies or pour coffees, they build early prototypes, solve tricky engineering problems, conduct research. If you’ve got a specific project you’d like to pursue or are interested in solving one of our many design challenges, apply now! We are specifically looking for:
>> Mobile UI Developers
>> Industrial Designers
>> Mechanical Engineers
>> Interface Designers
>> Big Data and Small Data Computer Scientists

iOS Engineer

With our Software Engineer iOS Mobile, we're looking for:
  • Experience developing, releasing, and maintaining native iOS applications (point us to your work in the App Store)
  • Deep knowledge of Objective-C
  • Experience working in a collaborative team environment
  • Experience developing location aware mobile applications
  • Experience developing testing suites for mobile applications
  • Experience with web technologies (javascript, CSS, HTML5, ...)
  • Prior startup experience is fantastic (but not necessary); being scrappy will help you hit the ground running

Get in Touch

For acquisition, investment or partnership enquiries, please contact us here.

Worldwide offices

At Bairo, we work seamlessly together as one firm to serve our clients wherever they need us. We have offices across two continents. We make our collective knowledge, experience and global network available to our clients.


6614 Long Bay Lane,
Tampa, FL 33615
+1 (813) 867-9488

Plot No 9, Natesan Nagar
Alapakkam Main Road, Alapakkam,
Chennai 600116, TN
+91 44 - 2476 1248
  • Tampa, Florida, USA & Chennai, INDIA
  • +1-(813)-867-9488 (US) & +91 44 - 2476 1248(India)
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