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If you're not sure which specialty to choose, don't worry, we’ll help you select one later. Please answer the questions to determine if your case is eligible to use this telemedicine service. If your desired specialist is not in our pool yet and you think it should be, please let us know by emailing us Thank you!

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Fill your personal and payment information. For your safety, your data will be confidential and encrypted. This platform is PCI DSS, HIPAA & HL7 compliant. Drag & drop to the checkout form all your medical files (*.doc(x), *.xls(x), *.pdf, *.jpg, *.tiff, *.png, *.gif, CT, MRI, X-Ray, DICOM, PET, CAT/TAC), so we can better evaluate your case. You have unlimited cloud storage, so don’t worry about the file size and format. Simply drag & drop and we’ll take care of the rest!

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Review your information and make the online payment. When your payment has been accepted, the system will send you a text to your phone/cell # and an e-mail with the assigned case ID and a payment receipt for your records. Our medical team will contact you in 12h-24h to schedule a video call. Feel free to invite someone you would like to be present with you during the first consultation, such as a family member, your partner or your primary care doctor

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After a first review of your case, our medical team will connect with you through our HL7-compliance video platform to meet you "face-to-face", learn more about you and your case, ask questions, -sometimes require more tests- and prepare your summary for a final review After collecting, organizing, translating and summarizing your medical records, your case is ready to be reviewed by our Specialist. Depending on the complexity of the case and workload, your final report will be ready for you within 1-5 days. Once we get the report, will contact you again to schedule the final video call with our medical team and the top specialist.

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Bairo Consult provides complete medical and surgical services in both inpatient and outpatient settings, at in several convenient locations.

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Outside of a medical emergency, your primary care physician is the "first responder" to your healthcare needs
State-of-the-art surgical facilities where expert surgeons perform a full complement of procedures.
Few of us like to even think about having a heart attack or being with someone when they have one.
Rehabilitation services for conditions ranging from stroke and brain injury to neurological disorders.

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  • Doe Jane
    Doe Jane

    Attending Staff

    "One of the cleanest and professional plaes I had the chance to be in. The staff was friendly, The rooms very bright and the pacient care excellent. I went home after 3 days spent very well at Regina hospital."
  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe

    Attending Staff

    "One of the cleanest and professional place I had the chance to be in. The staff was friendly, The rooms very bright and the pacient care excellent. I went home after 3 days spent very well at Regina hospital."